EMN General Workshop on Materials

Invited Speakers:

  • Dany Carlier, ICMCB-CNRS, France
    NMR spectroscopy combined with DFT calculations to study paramagnetic oxides and phosphates : link with the chemical bond
  • Gregorio Cocoletzi, IF-BUAP, México
    First principles studies of the interaction of organic molecules with semiconductor nanostructures
  • Yongkwan Dong, University of South Florida, USA
    Synthesis of clathrate single crystals by spark plasma sintering
  • Hirotaka Fujimori, Yamaguchi University, Japan
    Phase change of Ba-substituted sodium bismuth titanate ferroelectrics with Bi deficiency
  • Xiaomei Jiang, University of South Florida, USA
    Tuning the excitonic levels of poly (3-thinylenevinylene)(PTV) derivatives: from dark to bright
  • Najoua Kamoun, Tunis University, Tunisia
    Synthesis of ZnO, In2S3, P3HT, ZnS and In2O3 nanomaterials
  • Manfred Kohl, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
    Small scale energy harvesting by magnetic shape memory alloys
  • Tetsuya Mizumoto, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
    Magneto-optical material and its application to silicon photonics
  • Serge M. Nakhmanson, University of Connecticut, USA
    Multiscale modeling of layered electroactive materials
  • Nhan V. Nguyen, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA
    Band Alignment of Tunnel-FET Heterojunction by Internal Photoemission
  • Dimitrios A. Papaconstantopoulos, George Mason University, USA
    Applications of Density-Functional and Tight-Binding Theory in Complex Materials
  • Guus Rijnders, University of Twente, Netherlands
    All oxide piezo-MEMS devices: the role of clamping on piezo electric properties
  • Mohammed Saad, Thorlabs, USA
    Heavy metal fluoride glasses and fibers
  • Naoto Shirahata, National Institutute for Materials Science, Japan
    Silicon Nanoparticles as Potential Light Emitters: Synthesis, Separation by Color, and Applications
  • Peter Sushko, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
    From point defects to defect superstructures in complex oxides
  • Nobuo Ueno, Chiba University, Japan
    On the nature of organic semiconductors: Improving the mobility and stability of organic devices
  • Kai Wang, Jilin University, China
    High pressure-induced polymorphic transformation of maleic hydrazide
  • Jackie Ying, Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN), Singapore
    Nanocomposite Materials for Energy Applications
  • Kin Man Yu, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
    Transparent conductors for high efficiency solar cells
  • Bo Zou, Jilin University, China
    High pressure supramolecular chemistry : pressure induced assembly and their functions
  • Elvira Fortunato, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal


Workshop Chairs:

  • Javier Alonso, University of South Florida, USA
  • Hafsa Khurshid, University of South Florida, USA
  • Serge Nakhmanson, University of Connecticut, USA
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University of Electronic Science and Technology of China