Functional Materials

Invited Speakers:

  • Franca Albertini, Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism, Italy
    Magnetic shape memory thin films and nano-disks: effects of size reduction on magnetism, structure and microstructure
  • Christian Binek, University of Nebraska, USA
    Voltage-controlled exchange bias and exchange bias training
  • Ekkes Brück, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
    Transition metal based magnetocaloric materials
  • Ludovico Cademartiri, Iowa State University, USA
    Studies of polymer-like behaviour in ultrathin nanowires
  • Victor Castaño, Centro de Física Aplicada y Tecnología Avanzada, Mexico
    The nano revolution and its impact in materials for energy applications
  • Axel Enders, University of Nebraska, USA
    An STM-Guided Search For 2D Organic Ferroelectrics and Co-Crystals
  • Ali Hendaoui, LMN/INRS-EMT, Canada
    From “smart” material to “smart” devices: Novel applications based on the insulator-to-metal transition in VO2
  • Luis Hueso, CIC nanoGUNE, Spain
    Organic spintronic devices
  • Nazir P. Kherani, University of Toronto, Canada
    Tandem Photovoltaics Using Transparent Conducting Photonic Crystal Contacts
  • Leszek Malkinski, University of New Orleans, USA
    Using micro-origami techniques to create functional materials with complex architectures
  • Lluis Manosa, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
    Caloric effects in ferroic materials
  • Chandrima Mitra, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
    Emerging functional properties in Cobalt-based oxides
  • Devajyoti Mukherjee, University of South Florida, USA
    Advanced laser ablation techniques for ferroelectric and multiferroic heterostructures of perovskite-oxides
  • Riad Nechache, Institut Nationale de la Recherche Scientifique, Canada
    Perovskite materials for energy related applications
  • Giuseppe C. Tettamanzi, The University of New South Wales, Australia
    Controlling electrons through a single atom one at a time
  • Susan Trolier-McKinstry, Pennsylvania State University, USA
    Piezoelectric MEMS Energy Harvesters
  • Raul Valenzuela, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico
    Synthesis by soft chemistry​ and magnetic properties of ferrite nanoparticles
  • Paolo Vavassori, CIC nanoGUNE, Spain
    Nanostructured magnetoplasmonic metamaterials: a promising route for label-free molecular sensing applications
  • Fiorenzo Vetrone, National Institute for Scientific Research, Canada
    Near-infrared emitting nanoparticles for applications in biology
  • Alberto Vomiero, National Institute for Scientific Research, Canada
    Nanomaterials for excitonic solar cells
  • Wilfred G. van der Wiel, University of Twente, The Netherlands
  • Arcady Zhukov, The University of the Basque Country, Spain
    Recent progress in studies of magnetic microwires

Workshop Chairs:

  • Hariharan Srikanth, University of South Florida, USA
  • Federico Rosei, National Institute for Scientific Research, Canada


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