Smart Sensor Materials and Technologies

Invited Speakers:

  • Philip Colosimo, University of Washington, USA
    Sensing RF and microwave energy with fiber Bragg grating heating via soft ferromagnetic glass-coated microwires
  • Masaaki Futamoto, Chuo University, Japan
    Design and fabrication of magnetic tips for high resolution magnetic force microscopy
  • Tong Duy Hien, Nanosens Research B.V, The Netherlands
    Development of an energy efficient, temperature compensated and highly sensitive hydrogen sensor node based on dual palladium nanowires
  • Andy Hollerman, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA
    Triboluminescent Materials: Uses in Smart Sensors and Technology
  • Dennis K Killinger, University of South Florida, USA
    Laser spectroscopic techniques for remote probing of trace species
  • Sunkara V. Manorama, CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, India
    Design and synthesis of hierarchical nanostructured materials for gas sensing applications
  • Tho Nguyen, University of Georgia, USA
    Effect of Magnetic Field in Organic Semiconductor Devices
  • Hua-Xin Peng, University of Bristol, UK
    Ferromagnetic microwire composites for structural health monitoring
  • Siegfried Selberherr, Technische Universität Wien, Austria
    About processes and performance of integrated gas sensor components
  • Suresh C. Sharma, The University of Texas at Arlington, USA
    Surface plasmon sensors with high sensitivity and resolution to study electric-field induced changes in the refractive index of liquid crystals and modifications in the Kretschmann configuration system for SPR measurements on not-easily-accessible samples
  • Ivan Skorvanek, Institute of Experimental Physics, Slovakia
    Rapidly quenched amorphous and nanocrystalline bilayer ribbons for energy and sensor applications
  • Tsuyoshi Uchiyama, Nagoya University, Japan
    Development of highly sensitive magneto-impedance sensor and its application to P300 brainwaves measurement



Workshop Chair:

  • Arcady Zhukov, The University of the Basque Country, Spain
  • Dennis K Killinger, University of South Florida, USA
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University of Electronic Science and Technology of China